Everything started many years ago when Ada sewed a button for Giancarlo.
He immediately understood that she wasn’t cut for being a housewife, so he stitched her up a pair of wings.
At first, she gave birth to Stefano and after the success she set up her own business and tailored Chiara to her size. They have changed house and live now in a huge warehouse full of sewing threads, French lace and tartan fabrics.
This story is just basted but let’s wait for the wings to grow and you’ll see that…WITH ADA YOU CAN FLY!Since 1980 this business has only fabricated in Italy, thanks to the skilful hands and the great hand-crafted experience of Ada Gallo.From the research phase to the study of materials and fabrics, ending with the production of the models and the attention to detail, every single stage of the items production occurs inside the headquarter just outside Bologna.

As a trademark, Giada is expression of the authentic Italian style, natural elegance, research and creativity for a sophisticated woman who loves femininity and loves feeling good at home as much as when she goes out.

The mix between simplicity and beauty turns out to be an original union that makes Giada unique in its kind.